The Clean Water Partnership Improves Business Capacity in Stormwater Management, Exceeds Local Business Growth Goals

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March 5, 2019
Corvias And PGC Clean Water Partnership Participate In Eighth Annual Good Neighbor Day In College Park, MD
April 22, 2019

LARGO, Md.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–The Clean Water Partnership (CWP) demonstrates how committing to inclusion-based program management can deliver unprecedented results to the local economy by utilizing underserved businesses and hiring local residents.

The CWP is a 30-year community-based public-private partnership (CBP3) between Prince George’s County, Maryland and Corvias. The program sought companies that are categorized as target class and certified by the Prince George’s County Supplier Development and Diversity Division as county based, county located and/or minority businesses. The results of Phase 1, which was completed in thirty-six months, symbolizes the CWP’s focus on economic and community development in Prince George’s County. A rundown of Phase 1 activities include:

  • Over 50% of hours worked on the program were performed by Prince George’s County residents
  • Of the 454,464 total work hours, 196,657 total work hours were performed and paid to Prince George’s County residents
  • $87M of the $100M total program expenditures/contracts in Phase 1 were produced by the target class group
  • 80% of all CWP program dollars to date have gone to local, small, and minority businesses
  • 17 firms, two cohorts, have completed the CWP Mentor Protégé Program (MPP), exceeding the program goal of four, while eight firms are presently participating in the MPP’s 3rdcohort which began in January 2019
  • MPP firms realizing capacity expansion in green infrastructure through participation in the CWP include Grace Management & Construction, LLC, Green Forever Landscaping, Inc., Estime’ Enterprises, Inc., Celsue Construction Services, Inc., Bourne Environmental, LLC, and M&G Services. Inc.

“Our approach to building and developing local capacity has required commitment, transparency and continuous flexibility with all members of the CWP,” says Pete Littleton, Corvias Senior Operations Manager. “It begins with our delivery partners and filters down to our general contractors, consultants, vendors and small businesses. The learning and adaptive management is recurring and based primarily on our collective lessons learned.”

The CWP CBP3 framework was originally designed with an inclusion mindset and has now evolved into a model for community-based public-private partnerships. The CWP model includes specific initiatives geared toward maximizing the participation of local, small, minority businesses, schools, faith-based and 501(c)(3) non-profits organizations and Prince George’s County residents. Those initiatives include:

  • No bonding requirements for subcontractors holding contracts less than $1M
  • One-year Mentor Protégé Program (MPP) to develop the capacity of small businesses in Green Infrastructure and Stormwater Management
  • Dedicated Contractor Development Program to source and support all contractors interested or working on CWP projects
  • A quick pay program that ensures contractors receive payment approximately 30 days from invoice
  • Community Outreach Program that works seamlessly in communities with CWP projects ensuring the Community’s voice is heard on all projects.

The CWP Mentor Protégé Program (MPP) further demonstrates the program’s commitment to developing underserved firms. Designed to help a CBP3 succeed, the program presented opportunities to increase small business capacity in Stormwater Management, Low Impact Development and Green Infrastructure by completing 94 projects and spending $87M, or 80% of total dollars spent, with target class contractors to meet or exceed goals of the program in just 36 months.

“The CWP MPP was the perfect program for me because in addition to the education and business growth, I truly feel like I am helping my County address stormwater issues,” said Nikita Floyd, President of Green Forever Landscaping, Inc. “The team is phenomenal, and I’ve been able to significantly expand my business because of referrals from the CWP MPP team.”

“The CWP has not only led to stormwater improvements but has enhanced the capacity of contractors within the County,” said Michael Burke, Mentor Protégé Program Director. “We have developed a culture of inclusion; our values, attitudes, and processes now have a much broader perspective and we better understand the nuances of small business and the impacts they may have on different aspects of a CWP project, from bidding through construction close out.”

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About the Clean Water Partnership
The Clean Water Partnership (CWP) is a 30-year community-based public-private partnership (CBP3) between Prince George’s County, Maryland and Corvias with a turnkey stormwater management program that proved the ability to achieve regulatory compliance requirements, and create greater community buy-in and education along with long-term local economic benefits for residents and local small minority disadvantaged businesses. The CWP has received national recognition from the White House and EPA. The CWP has also been highlighted as a successful and innovative approach to better infrastructure from the Natural Resource Defense Council (NRDC) and many jurisdictions around the country are looking at the CWP as a model to address their aging stormwater infrastructure.