Registering your business is the first step in our procurement process and allows us to validate suppliers’ capabilities and ensure compliance with CWP program requirements. Below are the steps outlining the business registration process.

  1. SubcontractorRegistration Application  package is requested by emailing
  2. Return completed Subcontractor RegistrationApplication package to
  3. Registration is received, reviewed and responded to by CWP Contractor Development Manager, Briana Dubose:
  4. Subcontractor Registration Application is reviewed to ensure completion and accuracy and feedback and recommendations to Potential Contractors is communicated if necessary.
  5. Subcontractor Registration Application is submitted to our General Contractors and Consultants Working on the program for various active or forthcoming opportunities including the following:
    • D&F Construction,
    • Low Impact Development Center
    • Nardi Construction
    • Soltesz Design Consulting
    • Stormwater Maintenance & Consulting
  1. General Contractors and Consultants review the Subcontractor Registration Application and respond to Contractor and Contractor Development Manager with either Accepted or Returned:
  • Accepted:  Company is added toGeneral Contractor and/or Consultant’s list of contractors who will receive bidding opportunities through their bid solicitation process.
  • Returned:  Individual General Contractor and/or Consultant returns due to missing incomplete information, safety record unacceptable and/or trades/services do not fit current need.
  1. Contractor Development Manager reviews and provides feedback and recommendations to Potential Contractor. Upon receipt of missing or corrected items, contractor file is resubmitted to General Contractor for reconsideration.
  2. CWP ONLY manages the overall project.  The individual General Contractors and Consultants will be hiring and offering bid opportunities for the CWP program.

For Contractors 

Please click the button below to download a subcontractor prequalification form. Email the completed form and supporting documents to

For Consultants (Non-Construction)

Please click the button below to download a professional services prequalification form. Email the completed form and supporting documents to