In the Community

Engaging Prince George’s County Residential and Business Communities

The Clean Water Partnership is a Community Based Public Private Partnership (CBP3) between Prince Georges County and Corvias Solutions.  The Partnership provides flexibility in planning and execution of the scope and requirements of the Program; addresses community development needs and requirements; and instills long-term financial and regulatory commitments for integrating Green Infrastructure into the County’s stormwater Management Program.  Benefits of the CBP3 approach include the following:

Provides a flexible and adaptive management approach to support the County as the needs evolve;

Create opportunities for the “new green economy”, including job creation for construction, maintenance, and work force development;

Scale economies and efficiencies in procurement and a more collaborative approach in planning, design, and construction;

Provide stakeholders in the County with a clear and concise message on the CWP’s mission, up-to-date status reports, upcoming CWP plans and proposed timelines;

Broaden awareness by hosting town hall meetings and participating in community events and educational platforms.


  • Participating in activities to encourage the community to be responsible and respectful of natural environment through conservation and sustainable practices

Youth Education

  • Forming partnerships and providing support to local organizations focused on youth
  • Performing work  on Prince Georges County Public school grounds, that will allow  faculty and students  opportunities for hands-on  learning opportunities


Click here to download the CWPals Color It Your Way Activity Book for youth.

MS4 Regulatory Compliance

  • Partnering with the County in addressing their obligation to comply with their requirement to manage, implement, and enforce a stormwater management program to mitigate and eliminate pollutants in stormwater discharges (2000 acres)

Local Small Business Development

  • Mentor Protégé program: a program that will enhance the local County workforce by developing a mentor-protégé network to enhance the protégé firms’ skill levels so they can compete for significant work and increase their participation by leading and filling significant roles for the CWP.
  • Providing Minority Business Enterprise certification assistance

Public Awareness

  • Providing accurate, accessible and up-to-date information pertaining to the CWP to all stakeholders
  • Providing a forum and structure to efficiently and effectively facilitate the exchange of information from Corvias to County residents; and
  • Coordinating activities pertaining to the development of Approved Projects in the County.