One of the goals set up by the Clean Water Partnership is to utilize the County’s certified small, minority and women-owned businesses for 50 percent of the total project scope.

The contract includes incentive payments tied to the number of local and minority firms that are utilized in the delivery of services, providing an economic incentive to Corvias for the use of these firms.

We are committed to removing barriers to entry for small businesses and actively helping them develop the necessary Green Infrastructure skills to compete for this work through training, internships and other programs.

This includes developing a curriculum with Prince George’s County Community College and other local agencies as well as training programs that enable local business to gain skills in green infrastructure practices.

The Clean Water Partnership allows Prince George’s County to have access to private sector efficiencies and expertise to develop, manage, and maintain stormwater infrastructure. As a result Prince George’s County is able to provide County Residents with higher quality stormwater with minimal tax-dollar investment and utilize local county subcontractors with a greater volume of contracting opportunities.

The philosophy of creating a greater volume of contracting opportunities for local small and disadvantaged businesses is designed to maximize competitiveness and incentivize Corvias to deliver balanced social and technical value to Prince George’s County. This is achieved through the following contractual provisions:

  • Ensuring long term sustainability and creating a more competitive environment for local small disadvantaged businesses were of paramount concern to the Prince George’s County leadership.
Metrics Indicators Beneficiaries
Speed 2,000 acres in 3 years Municipality
Efficiencies (Cost) 30-40% savings Taxpayers
Community Outreach Stakeholders and local community and impacted neighborhoods
Local Disadvantaged Subcontractor Utilization Work is executed by local businesses with a goal of 50% Local Subcontractor pool
Local Subcontractor Development Mentor/Protégé program Local Subcontractor pool
Workforce Utilization County resident man-hour/job participation at least 51% during the peak construction season (May 1 – September 30 Local Residents

In addition to maximizing opportunities for subcontracting, as described above, Corvias will ensure that the partnership maximizes participation by existing and new MBEs in the overall Clean Water Partnership. Corvias will maintain a well-trained, small business focused economic development team to support small business startups and job growth within Prince George’s County. This effort will be led by an Economic Development Manager who will be supported by a small business coordinator well versed in supporting current and emerging small businesses in the State of Maryland and in Prince George’s County. The Economic Development Manager will work closely with key County leaders in developing an overarching economic development strategy and in establishing close working relationships with the County’s Supplier Development and Diversity Division, Prince George’s County’s Economic Development Corporation, Prince George’s County Community College, and the Prince George’s County Chamber of Commerce along with other state, local and non-profit organizations.  The small business coordinator will provide “concierge” like services for small businesses that will include understanding individual organizational needs and careful alignment with available local, state, and federal resources to provide the appropriate assistance to enable the small businesses to achieve their goals and objectives.