Mentor Protégé

The CWP Mentor Protégé Training Curriculum was developed to provide Mentor Protégé firms with the foundation needed to compete on CWP projects. During the second program year, the Mentor Protégés completed the following training:

  • Introduction to the Clean Water Partnership Best Management Practices
  • Blueprint Reading I
  • Blueprint Reading II
  • Cost Estimating Training

The CWP Mentor Protégé Program is a supportive services program focused on developing the capacity of Mentor Protégé firms for green infrastructure projects. The CWP Mentor Protégé Program provides, coaching, training, access to bid opportunities, capital, bonding, certification and other supportive services. The CWP Mentor Protégé Program ensures Mentor Protégés receive all CWP bid opportunities announced by the General Contractors.

Highlights of the first Mentor Protégé Program participants include:

  • Two firms began inaugural work on low impact development projects to advance the CWP goal of expanding capacity of Prince George’s County-based companies in stormwater management.
  • One firm received bonding, enabling them to pursue work that was otherwise unavailable for them in the Washington Metropolitan Region.
  • One firm received Prince George’s Supplier Diversity and Development Division’s County-based certification, increasing CWP’s target class participation.
  • Another firm received work at DC Water because of the CWP MentorProtégé program management team referral.  Two firms completed the Baltimore Department of Public Works (DPW) Consent Decree Stormwater Training Program from CWP management team referrals.
  • The CWP sponsored two General Contractor Roundtable Sessions which provided the Mentor Protégé firms the opportunity to develop a relationship with CWP General Contractors, learn the contracting pipeline and receive feedback on bid submittals.

Mentor Protégé Support Services Received:

In addition to the CWP Mentor Protégé Training, CWP Mentor Protégé firms received supportive services in an array of disciplines. These services were a direct result of the initial CWP Mentor ProtégéInterview which identified barriers, deficiencies and Mentor Protégé firm requests. Supportive services include the following:

  • Project schedule development
  • Ongoing business coaching
  • Bid solicitations for other projects
  • Training Referrals
  • Meeting facilitation
  • General contractor communication
  • Escalation
  • Exposure to county officials, County Council, and Corvias
  • Bonding
  • Payment assistance

*The CWP will begin accepting applications for the next round of Mentor Protégé Program participants beginning Summer 2018.

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