Clean Water Partnership: 'Stormwaterville' Animated Planting Event

We visited Stormwaterville Elementary School to learn how the Clean Water Partnership works together with small businesses in Prince George’s County to create green infrastructure projects that are both educational and environmentally friendly.

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About The Clean Water Partnership

By the Numbers Updated June 2023

$251.6 Million

Program Costs Expended To Date 

$198.5 Million

Local/Minority Business Participation 

Number of Sites Completed/In progress

Total Completed Credit Acres



$1.67 Million

Invested In Student Programs


Outreach Events in the Business and Local Communities


County Resident Workforce Utilization
June 2023


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Community Feedback

Here are some comments from our community partners and residents.

Helping Students Become Environmentally Educated

Working with the CWP Team on the Storm Water Treatment project at Laurel Elementary has been an exciting learning experience for our staff and students. This project brought the importance of treating storm water BEFORE it enters our water system to the forefront. It made our staff and students realize the impact we can have on our waterways for good or bad. They have become more vigilant in their recycling efforts.

Patricia Walker
Library/Media Specialist and Green Team Coordinator / Laurel Elementary School

New Energy to an Old Problem

Corvias Solutions and the Clean Water Partnership has brought new energy and increased momentum to retrofitting older areas of Prince George’s County on a significant scale.

Neil Weinstein
Executive Director / Low Impact Development Center

Providing Mentorship to the Local Business Community

The CWP has provided Prince Georges County and local contractors a game changing opportunity. Working as a member of a team is always a much more successful endeavor and all of us will help get this pilot program the recognition it deserves. NARDI Construction, Inc. is very lucky to have been chosen to be a partner in the CWP.

Lucian Romano
Vice President / Nardi Construction

Inspiring Students to Understand the Environment

The Corvias and Junior Achievement partnership is a great example of what’s possible when the public and private sectors come together to make the community a better place. These stormwater retrofits inspire students to understand both the environmental and financial implications of future choices.

Ed Grenier

Working Together with Purpose

Thank you for sticking with us, finding something that works for both JA and The Clean Water Partnership, but most importantly, for the kids in the program. We’re fortunate to call you our partner, and to have the opportunity to work with and deepen our relationship with you in the coming years.

Rachael Doss
Vice President of Development / Junior Achievement of Greater Washington

Create an Increased Commercial Tax Base

This was an opportunity for us to put our unemployed to work, but more importantly, this was an opportunity to create an increased commercial tax base. Take diverse businesses, get them certified, create opportunities for them, and stop talking to them about the opportunities without having the means to fund them.

Roland Jones

An Economic Driver

This wasn’t just about meeting a mandate and this wasn’t just about stormwater. This was about community development. So we tried to engineer this program to be an economic driver, to help build a new industry in Prince Georges County that can be used everywhere.

Adam Ortiz

Nothing but Good Things to Say

I have nothing but good things to say about my relationship with Corvias. They have been extraordinarily helpful in directing me to the resources that I need and helping me organize things in a more objective way so that I can set some goals and increase my potential. Having my certification will expose me to more opportunities, I’m hopeful, and will help me to look for opportunities that are bigger than what I’m currently doing.

Tony Raymond

A Great Partnership

I met Corvias while attending a County seminar. The group was very easy to talk to, very easy to work with and knew what they wanted. They made no hesitation in approaching me once they found out I did custom printing, I was a County based business and I was MBE certified. They came right in and did business with me and it was a great partnership from the beginning.

Wanda Childs

Instrumental in Helping Us

Corvias was instrumental in helping us put together our certifications and complete the processes on my County based certifications. A lot of doors open once you get those certifications.

Gary Faulkner

Another Level

Our partnership with Corvias Solutions has taken us to another level. It has permitted us to engage young people in stormwater management, problems and solutions, and in that engagement, we have been able to engage other communities around them.

Rev. Gail Addison
President and CEO / End Time Harvest Ministries

Transformative Impact

This is an exciting project to be involved in because it’s moving beyond transactional interactions, and its transformative interactions. Corvias embodies that transformative impact on the community so this was just a perfect fit.

Jodi Rose

An Integral Partner

We felt that we were an integral partner in this process at the very beginning. They listened to us, we had dialogue back and forth, and they heard us, heard our hearts and took in what we shared. I had no idea that the outcome would be this way, other than what was shared with us, but knew that this would be something good. Not only for this church but for our community at large.

Pastor Nathaniel Thomas

Grateful and Thankful

We are very grateful and thankful for the project that was completed. From the communication to let me know what project would be done and the excellent work ethics of those who actually did the work to finish the project. We are just so pleased with the entire process. As the Pastor of Community Temple Church, I speak for the entire congregation when I say thank you very much from the bottom of our hearts for making our plan a reality.

Bishop Robert Pitts

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