The Clean Water Partnership is focused on creating opportunities for county based small businesses and county based minority business to grow their business as the Clean Water Partnership executes and performs the Program Scope of Work.  The opportunities  with the CWP Include the various aspects of the Program that require professional services for the planning and design of green infrastructure/ low impact development as well construction contractors that will assist in the installation of Green Infrastructure to meet the requirements of the county’s Municipal Separate Storm Sewer System (MS4) Permit.


The design process is a collaborative effort among various professionals and consultants including design engineers, landscape architects, and general contractors. These professionals form the implementation team for the planning and design efforts required to meet the goals and objectives of the delivery of 2000 acres. The design process also takes into consideration the certification, long-term maintenance and functionality of each facility that will be installed. Furthermore, this process assures that projects that are planned, designed and executed will receive credit by the state and that the lifecycle costs meet the goals of the program.

The design efforts of the Program are being led by Soltesz who have played a key role in the project’s identification and verification process and are well suited to manage the design of these projects. The CWP is looking to add local design and professional service firms to work with Soltesz on these designs.  If you are interested in working with us, please complete our subcontractor registration form.


As a result of the Clean Water Partnership, the County has developed an expedited permit process for retrofit projects related to MS4 compliance. The expedited permit process is a sustainable solution due to the fact that the CWP will manage the long-term maintenance of each facility installed as part of the 30-year program.


The Construction efforts of the Program are executed and performed by three General Contractors.  As members of the implementation team they will facilitate and manage the application of all work that has been designed.   In addition, the Partnership will have opportunities for companies to work on the installation of various facility types and applications throughout the County as a sub-contractor.

There is a tremendous opportunity for contractors that exhibit the necessary skills and capabilities in the following areas of need.  Specifically, we are currently searching for county based small businesses contractors and minority business contractors that are skilled in the following trades:

  • LANDSCAPING: General services including installation of selected landscaping materials
  • CONCRETE FLATWORK: Removal and replacement of pavement and asphalt, curb, gutter and sidewalks replacement with porous concrete, pavers, grass, and plantings
  • INSTALLATION OF PRECAST STRUCTURES: Catch basin, manholes, precast concrete boxes and tree boxes
  • SITE WORK: Grading, excavation, backfill, underdrain installation, wet utility, infrastructure activities and preparation of work for permit approval.
  • SUPPLIERS: Stone, pavers, porous concrete, soil, rain barrels, mulch, plant materials; trucking and hauling, equipment supply and maintenance.

If you would like to be added to our database, please complete a subcontractor registration form or contact Nicole Copeland at  for information on qualifications, training or support.

Inspection and Certification

An integral part of the program includes inspection and certification of all BMPs installed. This process includes site inspections during the construction process, as-built review and certification that the facility will perform as designed and in accordance with Maryland Department of the Environment (MDE) standards. Inspections will be a continuous process over lifecycle of each BMP facility. Thus, the inspection and certification protocols that are implemented assure the performance of each device’s capability and the long-term maintenance of the associated state credits.


Facilities installed by the Clean Water Partnership throughout the county must also be maintained. Therefore we are focused on maintaining all installed devices. Maintenance requirements, as well as costs, play a key factor in determining the types of practices we choose to install. Thus, as projects are completed they will be included in the overall maintenance inventory and the CWP will be looking for contractors to assist with the long term care.  If you are interested in contracting opportunities for the maintenance program, please complete a subcontractor registration form or reach out to Nicole Copeland for assistance. You can also click here to view our FAQ section.