D&F Construction Delivers Great Service and Continues to Excel in the Clean Water Partnership Program

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August 17, 2019
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D&F Construction Co. Inc. is a certified Minority Business located in Forestville, MD and a Prime General Contractor (GC) for the Clean Water Partnership (CWP) joining the program in 2016.  D&F has become a truly dedicated partner in delivering quality stormwater projects throughout Prince George’s County. Since joining the CWP, they have served as GC on many projects, increased their skillsets and capabilities in the stormwater space and improved relationship management skills by working with a diverse mix of consultants and small businesses. A few of their staple CWP projects to date include the completion of Lower Laurel Lakes, Kettering Community Center and Glenarden Library, all in which the team received praise for adapting to schedule changes and collaborating with program partners on unique project characteristics. When met with challenges, the team has been quick to respond and offer lessons learned to other program team members and partners.

This summer, D&F is serving as the prime GC on eight CWP schools projects, scheduled for completion fall 2019, and has worked with the community outreach team to ensure that construction zones will be restored back to safety for pedestrian traffic. In the Cross Creek (Beltsville) neighborhood, the team participated in a community outreach meeting to prepare residents for the construction of 5 ponds and eased residents’ concerns in preparation of the large project. Furthermore, the CWP maintenance manager has recognized them for their willingness to go above and beyond on project close out and their attention to detail with final touches to ensure a successful project completion. D&F recently joined Instagram and Twitter, and proactively seeks ways to increase visibility for their business and interact with the communities they serve. Whether they are discussing design plans with an engineer, conducting a site visit, or participating in one of the CWP’s many outreach events, D&F and its team members have proven to be professional, engaged and a valuable addition to the CWP team.

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