Bowie Business Lands Big Contract

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November 21, 2014
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December 5, 2014

Capital Gazette
Chase Cook


A Bowie business landed a big contract with Prince George’s County in a first-ever stormwater management deal of its scope.


Corvias Solutions entered into a 30-year agreement with the county in a public/private partnership to tackle the county’s stormwater needs. The Clean Water Partnership will address environmental regulatory requirements for stormwater management and comes with economic development, according to a news release from Corvias Solutions.


The agreement will see the county invest $100 million in the first three years of retrofitting while Corvias Solutions will manage design, construction and maintenance of stormwater systems for 4,000 acres, according to a news release.


The economic development will come from requirements to use local small and minority-owned businesses for at least 35 percent of the project.

“It is the first ever deal to apply a public/private model on stormwater management on this scale,” said Tad Davis, Corvias Solutions managing director.


Stormwater management is regulated by the state due to the Maryland Stormwater Management Act of 2007.


Cities and counties are required to design infrastructure that reduces runoff volume caused by asphalt, buildings and other land surfaces that prevent water absorption. Water that isn’t absorbed can run back into the Chesapeake Bay with chemicals and other toxins.

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