About the Partnership

Prince George’s County and Corvias Solutions implemented the Clean Water Partnership (CWP) as the solution to its stormwater regulatory challenges. The CWP will execute and perform the design, construction, and operating and maintenance for the County.

Moreover, the CWP will redefine the manner in which a local government meets federal clean water quality compliance in the best interests, and with the greatest return, for the community.  The Prince George’s County leadership created the Clean Water Partnership in order to transform a regulatory environmental mandate from a liability into an opportunity that achieves regulatory compliance by creating sustainable economic and community impact.

Stormwater’s effect on flooding and water quality has fundamental impacts on a community’s resiliency and quality of life…

Local municipalities are no exception. For years Prince George’s County struggled with ways to improve the effectiveness of its stormwater infrastructure and compliance with federal water quality requirements while balancing the needs of competing capital investment funding priorities  and wading through a suffocating morass of regulatory, design, permitting, and procurement regulations and barriers. Until the Clean Water Partnership, Prince George’s County was trapped in old paradigms and was failing to provide both sufficient quantities and quality of stormwater improvements for its community. The backlog of costs for stormwater infrastructure were rising markedly, local law suits related to permit compliance with threats of federal consent decrees for non-conformance were on the horizon.  Thus, action needed to be taken before legal consequences from federal and state regulators would be imposed on the municipality, ultimately at the expense of the community.

Benefits of the CBP3

Under a partnership approach, Corvias Solutions and Prince George’s County have entered into a 30 year partnership to improve the stormwater infrastructure and make a commitment to impact the local economy through “local” targeted disadvantaged subcontractor development and utilization.


Roles and Responsibilities of the Two Partners

Corvias Solutions serves as the “Program Manager”, supplying private financing alternatives and managing the procurement and implementation of the design/build; operations; long term asset maintenance; and socio-economic outcomes as defined by the Master Program and Master Maintenance Agreement between Corvias and Prince George’s County.

Prince George’s County is responsible for oversight and protection of the Community’s long term interests in the assets, local targeted socio-economic performance, and compliance with federal and state water quality requirements for stormwater outlined in the County’s Municipal Separate Storm Sewer Systems (MS4) Permit.  The County must approve all decisions such areas as financing, budgets and cash flow, design standards, project prioritization, socio-economic impact, and partner performance and compensation.

Key Transitions from the Prior Stormwater Management Approach

At the essence, the Clean Water Partnership embodies the following key transitions from the prior stormwater management approach:


Private Sector Involvement – transfer of municipal planning, design, and execution risk to greater private sector involvement, accountability, shared risk, and investment.


Social Value Creation – shift from a purely technical scope bias to an equal bias for “local” small and disadvantaged business development and utilization.


Long Term Sustainability – from costly and slow government design and construction methods to more streamlined and sustainable commercial practices through integrated design, build, operation, and maintenance practices.


Site Flexibility – from rigid, inflexible, piecemealed contracting approaches to structuring aggregated procurement phases tailored to the needs of the municipality and the local subcontractor capacity and capabilities.

Prince George’s County’s Approach to Meeting Regulatory Stormwater Management Requirements
Impacting County Businesses and Communities

The Clean Water Partnership allows Prince George’s County to have access to private sector efficiencies and expertise to develop, manage, and maintain stormwater infrastructure. As a result Prince George’s County is able to provide County Residents with higher quality stormwater with minimal tax-dollar investment and utilize local county subcontractors with a greater volume of contracting opportunities.


The philosophy of creating a greater volume of contracting opportunities for local small and disadvantaged businesses is designed to maximize competitiveness and incentivize Corvias to deliver balanced social and technical value to Prince George’s County. This is achieved through the following contractual provisions:


  • Ensuring long term sustainability and creating a more competitive environment for local small disadvantaged businesses were of paramount concern to the Prince George’s County leadership.
Clean Water Partnership Goals and Key Performance Indicators
Program Goals Indicators Beneficiaries
Schedule/Speed 2,000 acres in 3 years Municipality
Scale Economies and Performance 30-40% savings Taxpayers
Community Outreach Increase awareness of the benefits of the program Stakeholders and local community and impacted neighborhoods
Local Disadvantaged Subcontractor Utilization Work is executed by local businesses with a goal of 30% in the first year, 35% in the second year and 40% in the third year
Local Subcontractor Development Mentor/Protégé program Local Subcontractor pool
Workforce Utilization Local Residents
Workforce Development  Create a labor force to staff the job with County residents with 15% of the man hours staffed by County residents in the first year; 30% in year 2; and 51% in year 3 Local Residents
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